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Seminar : Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel , Ecole Normale Superieure .

With the collaboration of Daniel Quiles (Artlas), Michela Passini (CNRS / IHMC )
and Catherine Dossin (Purdue University)

Avec la participation de Catherine Dossin, Pr. Associée à l’univ. Purdue, USA, et Léa Saint-Raymond, ATER au Collège de France. Le séminaire est ouvert à tous, même s’il s’adresse surtout aux étudiants et chercheurs en histoire de l’art, en sciences sociales et en géographie.

The Artlas project aims to train young researchers to address the problems of a global art history from a transnational and circulatory perspective. It is designed as a workshop for understanding quantitative and cartographic methodologies, while also attending to the artistic and cultural transfers implied by the circulation of ideas, strategies, exhibitions, and texts. We also encourage young researchers to interweave apparently “distant” (Franco Moretti) empirical approaches with very precise interpretations of works of art.

The 2013-2014 year will turn primarily to the study of the circulation of 20 Latin American art and artists, both across the region and beyond it, but the general theme does not prevent the presentation of work on other geographical areas (Japan, Italy, Central Europe, and others) nor various topics (including historiography, sculpture, the history of museums, cinema, and the theme of trans-space) introduced by foreign researchers and guests of the team’s teachers who will be visiting Paris at Artlas’s invitation.

Première séance le 28 septembre 2017, puis les 12, 19 et 26 octobre, 9 et 23 novembre,  7 et 21 décembre ; 11 et 25 janvier 2018, 8 février, 8 et 22 mars, 5 et 12 avril ; 3, 17 et 31 mai.

S1 et S2 (insécable), 6 ECTS Code GPS : ARTS-MM-HAJP3-A 

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